The Word Became Flesh

we here at cbc are going to try a little experiment. we are going to post an outline of points from tom’s sunday sermons for further discussion throughout the week. here is the first installment in our little experiment.

I. opening passage of scripture: john 1:1 – 18
– “the Word became flesh

II. intercession Рthe highest calling a christian can have
1. your vision must change
– not sympathy or empathy…we are called to action
– your vision of Jesus must change
– your vision of other people must change

2. your methods must change (unlearn the “egyptian way”)
– exodus 2:11
– moses kills the egyptian in order to avenge the mistreatment of a hebrew slave. this is not the way of God

3. enter into their life
– Jesus enters in and becomes one of us
– he voluntarily takes our form because he loves us
– not an easy task. people come messy and broken.

4. expect something to happen!
– we give up too quickly on people

5. pray like crazy
– ezekiel 37 – God brings that which was dead to life (dry bones)

we are called to a live of service and love for the people around us. how can we take this call seriously in our daily life?

feel free to comment with thoughts, opinions, objections, questions, etc.

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