Changed by a Third Grader

I got a bunch of birthday cards today from the kids at elementary chapel. I do this chapel each Wednesday – one of the highlights of my week. Their innocence and pure love for God reminds me of what it’s really all about.

Anyway – I’m sitting at my desk reading each one and this particular prayer from a 3rd grader’s card struck me:

“Thank you Lord for Mr. D. I pray that he will continue to serve you with all his heart. Amen.”

It seems so simple but it slayed me on the spot. I know my heart can drift, and I forget that I need to beĀ fully thereĀ because these kids need me to be fully there. It refocused me and brought me to a place where I needed to be.

They see me as serving Him with all my heart. I need to be serving Him with all my heart. “From the lips of children . . . . you silence the foe and the avenger.” (Psalm 8).

Satan was silenced this morning – in my heart – as I read a card from an 8 year-old boy. That’s a good day.

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