See IT Coming

There’s a common complaint in our Weds night Bible Study: “I stink.” “I’m tired of failure.”

Well – putting out the fires is exhausting. It’s the reason so many people leave jobs in teaching. But I’ve been in education long enough, as administrator, teacher and coach, to know one thing: if you see IT coming and prevent IT from ever happening, you will not only survive, but grow to enjoy it.

It’s a simple concept: If you’re always putting out fires, you will eventually burn out.

One of the things an experienced teacher can do to prevent this is to watch carefully in a class, lunchroom or recess. You get to the point where you can see things coming, eliminating problems before they happen.

This is why disciplined prayer is so important. You get before God and into His Word every day and you can start sniffing out problems before they develop. You can see IT coming, whatever your IT is. You won’t be trying to put out IT’s fire all the time

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