The Big 162

Luke 7:35 “Wisdom is proved right by all her children.”

As I teacher, I sometimes struggle with handing out grades. I want everyone to know and master the material, and then to test out with the highest grades. If everyone got an “A” it wouldn’t bother me. But then I realize that there has to be some kind of separation for those who are really trying, those who are truly gifted, from the pretenders and the lazy.

And really – life is like that. It will separate them, it always does. Given enough time, children will be produced that reveal what has been true and what has been false.

Baseball has a saying about the “Big 162.” What it means is that the season is so long, 162 games, that contenders are eventually separated from pretenders. Winning streaks can be deceiving and the best team will survive the 162 games and end up on top.

This will happen, Jesus tells us, with His words and all other false religions. The children will eventually prove what is true and what is false. 2000 years later, I think the point has been proven. Jesus is Truth.

This will also happen with those in the church who are truly seeking to be His disciples and those who are putting on all the “dressing” but not really interested in following Jesus. Eventually, life will sort them out, and if it doesn’t, the threshing floor will finish the task. I’m not looking for this to see people get punished, I believe in the judgment of God but do not wish it upon anyone. However, I am a little weary of those who claim to be in Christ but deny Him with their thoughts and actions.

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