Rebellion Eliminates Options

I work in a private school that for the most part consists of students who want to be there. However, as in most schools, there are kids who for some reason or another are forced by their parents to come. One such girl came up to me the other day after class wanting to know how she could get her grades up. She said, “I didn’t want to come here so I rebelled by not doing my work. Now I’m applying to another school and I don’t think I have the grades to get in.”

I immediately thought: Rebellion eliminates options.

I try to tell my students that all the time. When you choose paths now, they will affect future decisions. But of course, like I was at that age, they can’t see beyond their nose. Some will smoke because they “want to live their own life” not realizing that this very decision will not allow them to do so in the future. Some live destructively in relationships, not realizing that this will affect a future ability to relate rightly with someone that they want to spend the rest of their life with. In trying to create our own walk, we shoot ourselves in the foot, giving us a permanent limp.

This is why God intervenes. He knows these little rebellions will eliminate plans He has made for us, plans to prosper us and to make us useful for His kingdom. If He is speaking to you now about some life-decision, listen. He is not a kill-joy. He knows. He knows the ends of paths and the destruction that follows. He knows that decisions now will pare down your ability to pursue things that are eternally meaningful. He knows that rebellions now will eliminate options then.

Listen to Him – give “it” up now. Whatever “it” is.

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