Broken Cisterns

When you watch over a 7th grade study hall, you get your fill of stupid conversations. Consider the following that took place this past week:

7th grade boy: “Mr. D. may I go to the bathroom. I need to redeem myself.”

Long pause….

Me: “Son, I don’t know what possibly could have happened last time you went that would make you think you have to redeem yourself, but go ahead.”

Student pauses . . . . looks at me. “I need to splash water on my face, I’m getting tired.”

Me: “Oh. Okay.”

Student walks away.

I call out: “Son – never use that phrase again. Ever. Just trust me.”

But it did make me think. At that moment he came to my desk I was reading Jeremiah 2 – about the Israelites rejecting the Living Water and digging their own cisterns. Why do we do that? We have the God of the Universe who loves us and wants to pour Himself through us, and we head off to dig our own wells that are nothing but stagnant, putrid water.

We’re not much smarter than that 7th grade boy. At least he was looking for fresh water to redeem himself.

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