How You Close It Is How You Open It

I was out in the backyard trying to fix something with the rabbit cages and I looked at the pool (an above ground piece of garbage – don’t get the wrong idea) and wanted to cry. I had been lazy at the end of summer and didn’t close it well. I knew what that meant – come spring it would be a pain in the neck to open. I just walked away. I’ll deal with it then.

I realized a great spiritual truth at that moment: How you close it is how you’ll open it. I need to be more diligent at night, soaking myself in God and His Word, not the things of this world. When I go to bed I should have God’s thoughts coursing through my mind. Scripture, blessings, His strength and power. Then His Word will protect me through the night and cover my house and family – and I will have a greater chance of opening up the next morning in the right frame of mind.

Relationships with others, job performance, our walk with God, our inner thought life, pools . . . . . they all run under the same principle: How we close it is how we’ll open it.

Ephesian 4:26,27 “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.”

Go back to some broken relationships and close them out under the reconciliation of the blood of Christ. Do everything at your job so well that you can walk out the door with a clear conscience. Immerse yourself in God’s Word at night instead of television or any other things that are merely the thoughts of the world. Get into a community that causes you to talk about God and not “stuff.” Close out well.

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