Common Rain and the Church

I would like to followup on my two previous postings. In the first, I questioned to what extent the church (or “a” church) should be affected by outside forces such as an economic downturn. In the second, I addressed how individuals are most definitely affected by these (the rain falls on the just and the unjust).

I’ve been thinking about this and I’m not sure of the answer (regarding the church). I understand that when an economy fails or a disaster strikes – a “church” will most likely get caught up in the the current. But is that because we are structured in a way that is contrary to Scripture? Should a church fail? By fail, I mean should it collapse under budgetary concerns? What is the distinction between an individual getting caught up in the storms of life and a church getting caught up?

Again – are we structured wrong? I think we are. With huge buildings and budgets and staffs I think we expose ourselves to the ebb and flow of society and nature. We have built a system that relies on the how the world is doing. If the world is doing well, the church reflects that with bigger buildings and larger staffs. If the world is failing, we fail along with it.

I don’t think “church” the way Christ defines it should be subjected to the health of the world. I think that what He taught, what He set up, what He breathes life into should be so different that if the world falls around it, it doesn’t fall apart. There should be no “breath of the world” that is holding it together. How else can we be of any help when the individuals are lost in the ‘current.’

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